Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Episcopal Church Center Reorganization Announced

On September 5, 2007 a new organizational structure for the Episcopal Church Center (ECC) was announced. This structure arises from the new mission statement for the ECC which states that the purpose of the Episcopal Church Center is to further God's mission, interpreted by the General Convention. As the Presiding Bishop's staff, we serve the people of the Episcopal Church by:
  • Listening and responding to the needs of the Church and its leaders
  • Sharing good news about what God is doing in the Church and in the world
  • Advocating for justice and peace, respecting the dignity of every human being
  • Building partnerships and networks for mission
  • Making available usable resources based on creative ideas and existing best practices
  • Developing and managing human, financial and material resources for mission
  • Promoting measurable work standards of excellence and accountability.

To fulfill this purpose the new structure is built around four new Mission Centers to include the following activities:

Advocacy Center
Social and Economic Justice
Ethnic Ministry and Anti-Racism (advocacy component)
Migration (advocacy component)
International Affairs

Evangelism and Congregational Life Center
Christian Formation (all ages)
Congregational Research
Congregational Vitality
Ethnic Congregations
Evangelism and Church Planting
Migration: Resettlement
Worship and Spirituality

Mission Leadership Center
Ordained Ministry (including Transition)
Lay Ministry (including Ministry in Daily Life)
Young Adults (including Campus Ministry and PLSE)
Missionary Personnel
Chaplaincies (including Prison Ministries)
Theological Education

Partnerships Center
Anglican Communion
Diocesan Services
Ecumenical & Interfaith
Grants and Covenants
United Thank Offering

Concurrently, the General Convention Office will:
Coordinate Committees, Commissions, Agencies and Boards
Plan and execute General Convention and Executive Council
Publish General Convention and Executive Council documents
Provide support for the President of the House of Deputies

A new Administration unit, meanwhile, will coordinate:
Facilities Management
Human Resources
Translation Services
Travel and Meeting Arrangements
The Communication Office is reorganized into two units:
Episcopal Life Media
Public Affairs
The Finance Office will continue to include two units:
Treasurer's Office
Controller's Office

Another new addition is the creation of a Mission Funding portfolio including a Development Office.

Okay small church community, what are your impressions? Thoughts? Reactions? And, if you are serve in another denomination, what are your stories of restructuring? Or, if you are part of a for-profit organization, what are your stories of restructuring?