Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Update on ordering from Abingdon

From Linda Brindle:

Abingdon is a wholesaler, and does not sell directly to churches or individuals. Maybe you could add a note to your blog telling customers that they will need to order the books from a local Christian bookstore or on line bookstore. Cokesbury.com, Amazon.com, or purchase from the Episcopal bookstore at 815 2nd ave.

Hope this helps!

Linda J. Brindle
Abingdon Press
Northeast Area Sales Representative

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Books for Small Membership Congregations

Ministry in the Small Membership Church: A Book Series Offered by Abingdon Press

Returning to the office this morning there was a catalog and note from Linda Brindle of Abingdon Press highlighting the book series focusing on ministry in the small membership church.

The current offerings are as follows:

Worshiping in the Small Membership Church (Robin Knowles Wallace)

Christian Education in the Small Membership Church (Karen B. Tye)

Administration in the Small Membership Church (John H. Tyson)

Spiritual Leadership in the Small Membership Church (David Canada)

Pastoral Care in the Small Membership Church (James L. Killen, Jr)

Evangelism in the Small Membership Church (Royal Speidel)

For more information visit www.AbingdonPress.com or call 1.800.251.3320

If you would like to offer a review or a comment on one of these books, please click on the comments link below and post your impression. You may do so anonymously.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Greetings from Quito!

Your small church pal is here on her first official meeting with the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church. Why Quito you might ask? Because Quito is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Ecuador, one of dioceses located outside the 50 United States. We are indeed an international church, and it has been an enormous privaledge to learn about the ministry and mission of our (small) church brothers and sisters in Christ in this beautiful part of the world.

(For example, today we travelled to different parts of the diocese to work and/or visit various sites. My group toured a primary school that stole my heart--teachers paid the minimum--$200 per month--overseeing 2-3 grades, and parents spending a huge percentage of their income to afford the $56 per month tuition to give their children the gift of a quality education. It is clear that supplies are very limited, yet it is also clear that the teachers understand their work as their ministry. I'm so moved by the entire situation that I can't help but want to help, maybe by trying to find a companion school in the US that could help with used back packs and supplies, or ???)

Obviously my new position is taking heaps of time, but I very much would like to keep the blog fresh and informative. During the search period for a new small church staff person who I envision eventually adminstering this blog, I would very much appreciate hearing about any small church stories or resources you wish to share. Simply send by email, and I will credit you in the posting if you wish. And I'll continue to post what I come across on a weekly (probably Tuesdays) basis.

Blessings, and adios :-)